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Yes, You Should Write a Book (or Have Someone Write One for You)

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Okay, as a ghostwriter and book writing coach, I’m admittedly biased when it comes to this subject. But I also know that when it comes to showing the world who you are, or establishing yourself as the expert in your field, books really can do amazing things.

Why a Book?

There are a million ways to connect with your audience these days—video, podcasting, social media, blogs, etc. But there’s something about a book that says “credibility” the way other forms of communication don’t. In the words of famed entrepreneur James Altucher, “A book is the new business card.” It’s the ultimate way to establish you, your business and/or your message in a way no other medium can.

Here’s why.

For starters, the fact that you’ve managed to put together 200 or so coherent pages about a subject is a massive testament to the fact that you know your stuff. Becoming an author instantly elevates you above everyone in your field who hasn’t published—and if your book is actually good, it can also elevate you above a lot of those who have. Taking the time or making the investment to make sure your book is a solid piece of work can really help you stand out.

Beyond that, if you have an incredible depth of knowledge or a provocative new take on a subject, a book is the ideal place to show it off. There’s no time limit on a book, it can be as long (or short) as you need it to be, in order to give your readers the exact experience you want them to have. So it can provide a really powerful platform for your message.

But, maybe most importantly, a book allows thousands (and hey, if you’re lucky, millions) of people all over the world to get to know you and what you’re all about. Reading a book takes at least a few hours, and for those few hours, it’s like your reader is right there with you—“hearing” your voice, enjoying (hopefully!) your personality, absorbing your knowledge, your experiences and your take on the world. There’s no better way to connect with so many people at such a deep and intimate level.

So if you have something of significance or value that you want to communicate, and you’re wondering if a book is the right way to do it, chances are, it is.

How exactly do you do that?

You’ll have to wait for my next post for that one.

(Or, if you’re in a major hurry, email me at to set up a free conversation about the best way to bring your book to life.)

By Joel and Lisa Canfield

Joel & and Lisa Canfield are bestselling ghostwriters, expert copywriters, and are apparently married as well. This is their blog where they write for themselves when they're not too busy writing for other people, which, admittedly, isn't all that often. Find out more at (or just Lisa at

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