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a little mid-august creativity.

burned out- exhausted- just not feelin'

It’s the middle of August. The sun’s in the sky.

But alone in your office, you think you might cry.

You’re s’posed to be writing a post for your blog,

but it’s all turning into a bit of a slog.

Your premise? It’s weak. And your prose? It sounds clunky.

The whole piece is coming out just a bit funky

(and not in a good way – it’s pretty much junky).

But what can you do?  Stuff has got to get done

even when doing said stuff is not any fun.

Well, I happen to have a suggestion for you:

when the old stuff won’t work, why not try something new?

After all, no one said that you have to be boring

and lull your poor audience deep into snoring.

Tell your readers a story, share a Q and A,

write a script to be read like the lines in the play

(or a poem like the one I’m writing today).

The next time you’re blogging and feel lost and hazy,

it could be a sign that it’s time to go crazy.

Take a risk, take a chance, let your freak speak out loud —

you just might end up with something that makes you proud.

(and after all that, if you’re STILL stuck, why not download my FREE guide to beating writer’s block? or for an hour of intensive, one-on-one help to get your writing done, schedule a super-helpful Copy Therapy Session with me.)

By Joel and Lisa Canfield

Joel & and Lisa Canfield are bestselling ghostwriters, expert copywriters, and are apparently married as well. This is their blog where they write for themselves when they're not too busy writing for other people, which, admittedly, isn't all that often. Find out more at (or just Lisa at

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